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Ollie Garner at The British Racing School

Courtesy of Martin Keighley Racing's Blog. Ollie Garner has returned from his Conditional Jockeys Continuation Course at the British Racing School and I received this email from Richard Perham the Senior Jockey Coach: I am sure that this won’t come as a shock to you, but Ollie performed to an exceptional level throughout this week’s course, and if I had a give a man of the match award it would be to him! He came out top in the fitness test and overall showed the most professional approach throughout. I would say that this is the best performance that I have witnessed from any young conditional coming through these course’s in the past eight and a half years, and I very much hope that Ollie goes on to have plenty of deserved success form here. As I said, I am sure it won’t be a surprise, but it’s good to hear all the same and should be recognised. Thanks for the email Richard and well done Ollie!