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Moves in Newmarket

Moves in Newmarket

In spite of the Lockdown the commercial life of the bloodstock world has to plan ahead and be ready to spring into action once restrictions are lifted.

Windsor Clive are delighted to have been involved in negotiating William Knight's forthcoming move to Rathmoy Stables, one of the finest yards in Newmarket, with 80 boxes and every facility for the modern trainer.

The opportunity for William Knight to move to Rahmoy came about as a result of David Lanigan announcing his move to the United States.

William Harford of Windsor Clive International, who negotiated the arrangement says "Everybody is delighted with the way this progressed. Thanks are due to David Lanigan for giving enough notice to find a new tenant in time and to the owner of Rathmoy for being flexible during the current lockdown. William Knight is sure to thrive, particularly as he is moving with 50 horses".